Drew’s R32

Owner: Drew Wagoneer

Location: Truckee CA

Vehicle Type: 2004 MK4 Volkswagon Golf 3.2L R32

And so it begins. This is basically how I got it. It was driven to another shop for a clutch and some tuning and came to me 3 years later half taken apart and with parts missing like the turbo.
Engine out for a clutch and overall inspection. Bore scoped the cylinders and turned her over a couple times.

Engine Modifications: After working on the R32 for a minute I am 95% sure the engine was modified with a CTS Stage 4 R32 Turbo Kit. This includes: CTS R32 Short Runner Intake Manifold, ARP headstuds, heavy internal work, cams & pistons. SPA MK4 Turbo Manifold, VF Engineering motor and transmission mounts…

Clutch: Clutch Masters 850 Twin-Disc with one organic and one composite disc for that “streetable” feel. We also upgraded to the Clutch Masters billet hydro bearing and bleeder block while we were in there.

R32 21
R32 22
R32 23
R32 24
Injector, coolant temp sensor and oil pressure sensor pigtails to get the wiring harness’s back on track.
New injector harness
Deleting the water meth from the windshield washer system and lots of wiring repairs.
New threads in the short runner intake manifold. All 3 ports were stripped out and siliconed in an attempt to seal them up. It should hold boost now.

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