Bonnie’s ’91 12V

Owner: Dylan Bonnie

Location: Truckee, CA

Vehicle Type: 1991 Dodge Ram W250

Builder & Location: Newman’s Reno, NV

Dylan 2
Initial clocking and inspection of the donor HE351CW.

Engine Manufacturer: Cummins

Engine Displacement: 359 CU IN

Engine HP/Torque: 210HP/450TQ

Engine Induction: HE351CW, Hungry Diesel spring gate & oil return, waste-gate solenoid delete

Dylan 1
Wastegate solenoid delete

Engine Modifications: Diamond Diesel 50HP injectors

Bonnie 8

Air Intake: Custom cloth conical

Exhaust: Newman’s 4″ heat-wrapped down pipe, muffler delete

Transmission: 5 speed manual

Bonnie 10
Hungry Diesel spring gate


Bonnie 11


Bonnie 9
Pre teardown


Bonnie 12
Initial mockup


Bonnie 13


Bonnie 15


Bonnie 14


Bonnie 7


Bonnie 8

Tire Make/Size: Nitto Ridge Grapplers 285 75 R17

Wheel Make/Size: Black steel 17″X8.5″


Bonnie 1Bonnie 3Bonnie 2Bonnie 4


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